Mrs. L & Lily

    Brief  bio facts about Mrs. Lincoln:     
    I am from a wonderful family of educators and sports enthusiasts!
    I am a proud parent of two really great kids (Aileen and Franklin)...
    ...and a teacher of hundreds of great kids!
                       I have a BS in Secondary Education/Social Studies/Geography from Kutztown State University in Pennsylvania  and a Masters of Arts Degree in Environmental Studies earned while being a teaching fellow at the NJ School of Conservation , the northern field campus of  Montclair State University in  New Jersey.
     I love working with kids and I love being a student !  I am a volunteer "Keeper  of the Gate"  at Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania.  I am also a member of Essex County's Domestic Violence Response Team , working to improve the lives of those who suffer domestic violence.     I am trying to "Live a Life that Matters" ...as all of my awesome  7th grade students are doing ...
    PITT  is my favorite college  basketball team (Aileen's Alma Mater /"A" is a trauma nurse at Cornell Weill  Medical Center in New York City) and I love Penn State University Football and the JCHS CHIEFS ( or what ever team Franklin played  or coaches on) Frank is a graduate of  PSU  ... a teacher of high school English at JCHS and coaches football and Crossfit ...)
    I loved my dog "BO" a wild and crazy Australian Cattle dog and also love my grand dogs" JAX " and "GENO"...  they are truly my best buds!



     I love being a member of the  7th grade team at Grover Cleveland Middle School...We are LIFELONG learners and informed and active citizens!
    medium. Jane Kinkle and I were friends and students together MANY years ago at the New Jersey School of Conservation!!!!  WE STILL ARE BUDS and  WE  STILL ARE LEARNING  EVERY DAY!!!!