•  birthday


    Celebrating Birthdays in Miss Erin's Class: A birthday is certainly a special event and recognizing this occasion in preschool can be very exciting! The follow is a list of how we celebrate birthdays in our classroom:


    - The child gets to pick and wear a birthday crown.


    - A special birthday certificate is given to the child.


    - The child gets to hold the "Happy Birthday Bear" during circle time. 


    - At snack time, we all sing “Happy Birthday” to the child.


    - At play time, the child gets to pick the toy of his/her choice.


    - Many parents would like to send in a special treat to help the class celerbate the child's birthday. Unfortunately, no food items are allowed. If you would like, you can prepare birthday favors for the claas, such as a small bag of crayons, toys, booklets,  etc. for each child. We will then send the birthday favors home in each child's backpack. Any questions, just ask Miss Erin.


    If your son/daughter has a summer birthday we will assign an "Almost Birthday" celebration day toward the end of the school year.