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    For Students: Tips for Sixth Grade Success!
    some tips taken from Grade 6 Test Prep (2005)
    In order to get the most out of what you will learn in sixth grade, you must be willing to do your very best.  Some things may come easily, and some may require lots of work. We will work together as a team this year to reach your goals and improve your reading, writing, and thinking skills. 
    Following these tips will help you come to every class prepared and ready to learn each day!
    1.  Homework, homework, HOMEWORK!!  Not only does homework help you practice and apply things you learn in class, it also helps to check to see that you understand the material.  This will help you with asking questions and participating in class. Always write homework in your planner as well as check the homework calendar to stay updated and on-pace with assignments! 
    2.  Stay organized. One of the most important skills you will learn in 6th grade is how to stay organized.  Keeping your binder, locker, and planner organized will help you complete assignments and find papers easily, which can make having all of those different classes and teachers a lot easier to manage!
    3.  Practice smart study habits. Set aside a specific time and place for homework each day.  Developing a routine will help you manage your time and help you concentrate better.  Make sure your study space is quiet, well lit, and has all of the supplies you need.  Most importantly, give yourself more than one day to prepare for tests, quizzes, projects, or major assignments.  Procrastinating and leaving these things for the night before is a sure way to spell disaster!!
    4.  If you're not sure, just ask, ask, ask! Not sure about a homework assignment? Not a clue about what your teacher was talking about during the day's lesson?  Just ASK! It takes lots of courage to admit you do not know something, and even more to seek help.  Make an appointment with a teacher to schedule extra help or ask questions in class- your teacher will be happy to help guide you towards the answers!
    5.  Eat and sleep well.  Studies show a direct link between eating a balanced breakfast and getting a good night's sleep.  Eating and sleeping well will help you be more alert in class, concentrate well, and recall information. 
    6.  Learning takes place all the time, so heads up!  Taking notes, participating in class, asking questions, and actively listening to teachers and classmates are all ways to make sure you get the most out of class.  Always give 100% effort- you, your classmates, and your teachers will greatly benefit.  Stay involved in class from start to finish- you never know when you'll need the information later!
    7.  Use resources effectively. While the internet can be a great reference source, make sure the website you are visiting contains reliable and correct information.  Not all websites, like Wikipedia, for example, are checked for accuracy.  Internet sites sponsored by educational organizations (URLs that end in .edu or .org) are usually best.  Not sure if your info is for real? Check a library source such as an encylopedia/textbook or ask a teacher.
    8.  Talk about school with others. Nervous about a test? Learn something really cool or interesting? Discussing school with others is a great way to check that you understand the material, get a different point of view about an issue, or get help with something you don't understand.  Have a chat with a friend, sibling, parent/guardian, or relative about what you are doing in school.  Not only will they be glad to listen, you can show off how smart you are!
    9.  Be honest with yourself and others. In school and in life, honesty is always the best policy. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you don't know the answer- mistakes are okay as long as you learn from them.  Also, always be up front about missing assignments or any other issues you may have- being honest about them will only benefit you in the long run.
    10.  Show respect!! Respect yourself, your classmates, your teachers, and guests to the classroom. If you feel as though you are being disrespected at any time, make sure you tell a teacher, counselor, or parent.  They will do what they can to solve the problem right away! Remember- respect must be earned- make sure your words and actions are those that will earn the respect of others!


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