• homeworkHomework and Absent Work
    Homework and class assignments are VERY important parts of learning in sixth grade.  They may reinforce the day's lesson, extend the day's lesson, and could allow the student to determine how well he or she knows the material. 
    All assignments must be completed on time, as they are posted in the classroom and on the website daily.  Homework is checked on a daily basis and sometimes collected.  Zeroes will be given for work that is not handed in, blank, or copied from another student.  Students are expected to show effort on all assignments.  Students can ask for assistance from a parent, teacher, or classmate. While learning from mistakes is okay, "I didn't get it" is not an acceptable answer.
    Extra time is given for work missed due to illness, religious holidays, or any other reasonable excuse without penalty.  If absent, students should check the website for missing work.  Any work not accessible through the website can be obtained upon the student's return to school.  Please review the school handbook for additional information on the make-up work policy.
    Assignments handed in on time will receive credit based on quality of work and completion.  Work handed in one day late will earn partial credit.  Any assignments exceeding one day late or reviewed in class on the due date will not receive credit and will earn zero points.
    **As always, there are exceptions to these policies in emergency situations. Feel free to approach me with any questions!!**
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Last Modified on August 22, 2012