• Expectations, Rules, and Consequences

    Class Expectations- Throughout the year, students are expected to meet these five important   class expectations.  They may be small in number, but meeting and exceeding them have GREAT results!


     1.  Respect yourself and others.
     2.  Strive to give 100% effort at all times.
     3.  Always look for opportunities to improve… Never settle!
     4.  Come to class prepared to learn with an open mind.
     5.  Do not be afraid to ask questions… Someone else may be wondering the same thing!


    6th Grade “Big 5” Rules- Each student in the sixth grade is expected to follow these rules in order to have a productive and successful learning environment. 


    1.  Listen quietly when others are speaking.

    2.  Keep hands, feet, and unkind words to yourself.

    3.  Walk and wait quietly in the hallways (take direct routes to class!).

    4.  Arrive to class prepared and on time.
    5.  Respect the classroom environment.    



                1st offense: Verbal Warning

                2nd offense: Appropriate Consequence or teacher detention
    3rd offense: Office Referral


Last Modified on September 16, 2014