• The Giver

     Lois Lowry

    The Novel: The Giver is a story about Jonas and his life in his "perfect" society free of war, hunger, pain, fear, or hatred.  Following the annual Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas receives a life assignment that turns his world upside down.  As he continues through his assignment, he begins to wonder if his society is so "perfect" after all.
    At Home: In order to fully understand the concepts and themes of the novel, The Giver will largely be read in class.  Students will be given assignments related to the day's reading or new vocabulary words.
    In Class: The Giver challenges values we have taken for granted as well as the idea of "perfection" and how to achieve it.  Therefore, a great emphasis will be put on class discussion and participation.  Reading will also be supplemented with double entry journals. Students will examine...
    utopian societies/perfection


    compare and contrast


    text to self/text to world connections


Last Modified on February 22, 2010