• Class Rules

    There are rules at GCMS that are school wide expectations. This means you are expected to follow them at all times of the day. They can be found in your student handbook. I expect you to read over these rules and understand that they apply at all times in this classroom!
    Included with the GCMS School Rules, there are some simple class rules:


    •    Come to class on time and with a positive attitude
    •    Focus as soon as you enter the room, pick up a Do Now/Closure sheet and begin the Do Now
    •       Record homework into your agenda/planner book
    •    One person speaks at a time. Raise your hand to be recognized by the teacher
    •    This is a science lab, therefore, no food or drinks (other than water) will be allowed in the classroom (unless authorized by the school nurse) 
    •    Greatest care should be given to the furniture and carpeted areas. Show pride in your classroom 


    1st Offense: Verbal Warning
    2nd Offense: Parent contact/Detention with me after school
    3rd Offense: Office Referral
    As in the Student Handbook, the following will result in an administrative referral:
        • Big Five rules
        • Continued disruption of learning environment
        • Excessive tardiness to class and homeroom
        • Failure to report to teacher detention

    Detention must be served within two days or student will be given a referral.

    Any student who receives 3 referrals in a marking period will be excluded from participating in any school extra-curricular activities / events schedules during that specific marking period.
    Any student who accumulates 10 or more referrals anytime during the school year will be excluded from participating in all extra-curricular activities and / or events scheduled for the remainder of the school year.