• Support Agencies and Information
    For those times when you or your student need help from outside of the school system, the contacts and organizations provided can help.  Also listed are the names and contact information for counselors within each of the district's schools.  For further information, please contact Mary Cunningham, Student Assistance Coordinator, James Caldwell High School, 973-228-6981, mcunningham@cwcboe.org.
    Please Note:To locate contact and organization information, view the list of support organizations on the blue bar to the left of this page. 

    Contact Information by School
    James Caldwell High School:
    Mary Cunningham, Student Assistance Coordinator, 973-228-6981, mcunningham@cwcboe.org
    Nurse Danielle Ciccaglione, RN, 973-228-9358 dciccaglione@cwcboe.org
    Lisa Blackman, Supervisor of Guidance, 973-228-9186 lblackman@cwcboe.org
    Grover Cleveland Middle School: 
    Guidance Secretary, Mrs. O'Hagan, 973-228-1994
    Dave Kaczmarek – Guidance Counselor
    Susan Nogales – Guidance Counselor
    Debbie Santulli – BRIDGE Counselor
    Elementary Schools:
    For all Elementary Schools:  Visit the specific elementary school's webpage and select the School Counselors tab.                         

    Student Assistance Program Resources are available for:  
    Please Note: To locate additional contact and organization information, select the Support Agencies and Information listing on the left of this page.