• The Special Programs Committee hires a variety of motivational, educational speakers to provide parent presentations, student assemblies and/or teachers’ workshops throughout the school year.  

    Here are a few examples of the talks given at the Caldwell-West Caldwell School district:

    Dr. Sax 1. Leonard Sax PhD, MD presents: Gender Matters!  Proven Strategies for Raising Resilient, Successful Boys and Girls in the 21st Century! A series of parent presentations by physician, author, and researcher, Dr. Sax. 
    Leonard Sax PhD, MD presents: Gender Matters When Education Boys and Girls: Proven Strategies to Boost Teaching Effectiveness and Student Success. A series of teacher workshops by Dr. Sax.
    Dr. Anthony Wolf 2. Anthony Wolf PhD presents: Why Do Adolescents Act That Way?: What Parents Can do To Help Their Families Survive and Thrive. A parent presentation by Child Psychologist and best-selling author, Dr. Wolf.

    3. Inspire Your Child to Dream, Believe and Work to Achieve (parenting presentation) and Dream, Believe and Work To Achieve (three school assemblies at Washington, Wilson and Lincoln) by international motivational speaker, Scott Chesney, who became paralyzed after a stroke at age 15.
    Dr. Paul Yellin 4. Strategies for Academic Success: Practical Suggestions for Parents and Educators to Better Address Children’s Unique Learning Needs, by Paul Yellin MD, Director of The Yellin Center for Mind, Brain, and Education (NYC), Neonatologist, and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at New York University School of Medicine.

    5. Bullying, Cyberbullying and Youth Depression, a parenting presentation, by John Halligan, a father whose middle school son committed suicide after being bullied and the effects on their family--and how to help your kids avoid being a complacent bystander or a bully themselves. John Halligan also gave two school assemblies, Ryan’s Story, for our middle and high schools.

    6. Race To Nowhere, a documentary screening for parents/teachers/administrators on the increasing pressure today's students are experiencing and how educators and parents can make a difference. The film was followed by a panel discussion including teachers, principals and the superintendent for discussion of the content of the documentary.

    7. Teaching Kids to Make Smart Decisions (Especially When You're Not Around), a parenting presentation by Positive Parenting Expert, Tom Palermo.

    8. Stand Your Ground by Joel Penton, a youth motivational speaker who spoke to our middle and high school students about making smart choices even when they are not popular ones.

    Dr. Palevsky 9. Boosting Children's Immunity. Naturally!, a parenting presentation, by renowned NYC Holistic Pediatrician, Lawrence Palevsky MD

    10. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, a parent presentation to provide tools for parents to boost their children’s self-esteem, by popular speaker, life coach and author, Janet Pfeiffer.