• General Information
    Welcome to the Caldwell-West Caldwell School District. The school district strives to communicate important and helpful information to parents/guardians on a timely basis and with direct links to relevant information throughout the website.
    General information, including school hours, maps & directions, lunch menus, school calendars and more are all available on the web site. In addition, each school's homepage contains Quick Links to these and other important pieces of information.
    The Parent Resource section provides details on student registration, support agencies and information, and security and crisis plans. Please review the website, especially the Communications and District Information sections, for other valuable information.
    To request the use of a room within a Caldwell-West Caldwell school for an after hours event or meeting, click here.
    For those times when you need or prefer support from outside of the school district for you or your student, the Support Agencies section of the Parent Resources tab provides a comprehensive list of organizations, contact information and individuals that can be of help. To speak with someone within the school system, a list of individuals within each of the schools is also provided.
    For additional information, please click on the area of interest to the left of this page.
    The YMCA offers before care, after care and enrichment programs for children in grades K through 5. Program information and pricing is available under the new student registration section.
    Available for all students in grades 1 through 5,  myschoolbucks.com is a quick and easy way to allow your student to purchase lunch. Menus are available at individual school websites under the Lunch Menu Quick Link on the school's homepage.