• Chromebook Power Saving Tips

    Lower your screen brightness

    •    You can adjust it to a comfortable setting that uses less power.
    •    Lowering the brightness to about half will increase your battery life substantially.


    •  When you are not using your Chromebook, put it in standby mode by closing the lid.
    • Upon opening, simply enter your password to jump right back into action!

    Shut It Down

    • This will save even more battery than standby because it minimizes battery drain to almost nothing.
    • It also only adds about 5 seconds to your log in time, so why not?

    Close Programs

    • Close any apps and tabs that you are not using. It will make your Chromebook run faster as well as save power!
    • The more apps you have open, the more power is needed to run them, so close them out if you are not currently using them.

    Lower Volume

    • This isn’t the largest culprit of battery drain, but it does contribute to it.
    • Whether you are using speakers or headphones, keeping the volume down will reduce battery use a little.


    • Do not leave your Chromebook at extreme high or low temperatures for a long period of time.
    • Also, do not leave it in direct sunlight.


    MOST IMPORTANTLY: Charge your Chromebook EVERY NIGHT!


      The best way to make it through the day is to start with a full battery!

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Last Modified on March 21, 2022