Middle School

  • GAP (Grades 6-8)

    Instructor: GAP Teacher

    Students take part in challenges and academically appropriate activities based on grade and level.  Students exhibiting giftedness in music, visual arts, practical arts, and athletics have opportunities for working with instructors to further their experiences. 

    Middle School Gifted Identification Process

         I. Students in Grade 5 GAP are automatically placed into Grade 6 GAP for the following year.

         II. Grade 6 and 7 GAP students will be responsible for obtaining two (2) teacher recommendation forms, completing a student questionnaire relating to how their talents would enhance the GAP program and they must maintain an overall 90% academic average for the year.

         III. Review of teacher recommendation forms (during the month of May or June).

         IV. Selection and notification of student GAP acceptance (during the month of May or June).

         V. Follow up meetings with parents who may have questions about the process throughout the year.


    Appeals and Reviews

    Upon parent request, the Principal and the GAP Teacher will conduct a review of a student’s screening information with the parent.


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