• James Caldwell High School

    Health & Physical Education Department

    Supervisor/Coordinator: Mr. Dan Romano- Director of Athletics 

    Health & PE Department: Mr. Huff, Mrs. Kelly, Mr. Romano, Mrs. Miele, Mrs. Giordano, Mr. Timan 



    • 5 Credits
    • 3/4 days per week (depending on schedule rotation)
    • Combined with 1 marking period of  health education (9 weeks total)
    • Daily participation is required. 



    • Tennis
    • Personal Fitness & Weight Training
    • Yoga
    • Fitness testing (Fitnessgram ®)
    • Badminton 
    • Paddleball
    • Pickleball
    • Team Games- Soccer, Team Handball, Ultimate Frisbee, Touch Football, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball.
    • **Each individual teacher may also expand outside the traditional PE sports/activities to expose students to a variety of activities throughout the school year.**



    • Participation and Effort- The student will attend class and participate to the best of his or her ability for the entire period. The student responds well to instruction; with intensity and determination.
    • Attitude and Sportsmanship – The student exhibits a safe, mature, and responsible attitude when working with others. He or she is considerate and respectful of others in the class.
    • Knowledge Enhancement- The student demonstrates that he or she understands rules, safety, background, and overall benefits of the particular sport or activity. 
    • Skill Improvement- The student demonstrates improvement in specific skills from the beginning of the unit to the end of the unit. 



    • Proper attire must be worn at all times. Appropriate athletic clothing and footwear must be worn during all physical activities. 
    • Students will have 5 minutes to change at the beginning and end of class. (If applicable)
    • Each time a student is unprepared will result in 3 points off of the student’s earned unit grade.
    • Students may not be more than 5 minutes late to class without a pass from another teacher or administrator. 
    • A note from a parent/guardian will excuse a student from PE class for two consecutive days without penalty. If a student cannot participate for longer than two days an official doctor note is required.
    • Students are responsible for locking up ALL of their belongings. Students receive a school issued lock for the sole purpose of keeping their belongings safe and secure. Valuables, such as phones, wallets, and jewelry should be securely locked during class. Valuables may be left with a teacher if they do not fit into the student’s gym locker.



    • Create an understanding that personal fitness is of utmost importance.
    • Introduce, develop, and refine skills that will make participation in a particular sport or activity more enjoyable.
    • Introduce students to a variety of activities so that they will remain active throughout their lifetimes.
    • Promote socialization skills necessary to formulate and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.



    • Identify risky behaviors that may negatively impact an individual’s quality of life. 
    • Develop concepts related to making healthy decisions.
    • Identify the significance of self-esteem and self-awareness.
    • Identify the relationship between a healthy mind and a healthy body.
    • Provide opportunities to develop safety skills through first aid and driver education.
    • Examine the impact of violence, sexual harassment, and schoolmate abuse.
    • Examine the personal, community, and global impact of health.



    • In the event that a student is unable to participate in physical education class as the result of a medical condition, the following procedures must be followed:
    • In order for a student to be excused from a physical education class as a result of a medical condition, he/she must provide the teacher and school nurse with a copy of a doctor’s note.
    • Any student not participating in physical education class without a doctor’s note will have points deducted from his/her grade.
    • Any student requiring a medical excuse for five (5) or more consecutive days will be assigned to a study hall by their guidance counselor and will need to complete a medical assignment, which will be assigned by the student’s physical education teacher.
    • For each week of class a student is out, he/she will need to complete a separate assignment.
    • Each assignment must be turned into the physical education teacher at the end of each week.
    • Failure to complete the medical assignment(s) will affect the student’s physical education grade for the marking period and the year.


    Medical Assignment Grading 

    • Each assignment will be graded by the physical education teacher.
    • Credit will be earned for each completed assignment and will be averaged in with each student’s marking period grade.
    • If a student is out for most of, if not all of a marking period, then they will be issued a pass/fail grade for that marking period. 
    • Failure to complete an assignment will result in a zero average of the student’s marking period grade.