• I graduated from James Caldwell High School in 2005 with the desire to teach industrial arts. I love to build things as well as break them down to understand how they work! After an amazing college experience at Millersville University I decided to dabble in a number of different jobs and gain a little life experince. But when the opportunity to teach at JCHS came around, it was just like wandering home. I am so excited to be able to call myself a cheif once again and can't wait to dive into this year with everyone. 


    In my spare time I enjoy playing video games, reading fantasy books, rereading Harry Potter, watching anime, and playing board games...and of course, woodworking ;-p. Anything with a good story tends to grab my attention. But there is nothing better then spending time with good friends and family. I like to think of them as one and the same! 


    I am also an animal lover. I have 3 adorable kitties (or gremlins as I call them). Yoshi is black and white and is a big'ol goof, Xena is all black and she is truly a warrior princess, and Zelda is all gray and she is the quintasetnial scardy cat.