• All summer reading assignments can be found in Google Classroom. Please join the classroom of the English class you will be taking next year. 


    English Classroom Codes 

    English 9 Code: 4vc4rxr

    English 10 Code: 7uo7u4i

    English 11 Core Code: rvan57a

    English 12 Core Code: dfvzku3


    Replacement English Classroom Codes

    English 9 Replacement Code (Ms. Gencarelli): cbgnhgs

    English 10 Replacement Code (Ms. Keil): Contact Ms. Keil - rkeil@cwcboe.org

    English 11 Replacement Code (Ms. Sainato): lxf6qaf

    English 12 Replacement Code (Ms. Baut): w6fpbgw


    AP & Honors English Classroom Codes

    English 10 Honors Code: iuip3qs

    AP Lang. & Comp. Code: j6fn6bo 

    AP Literature Code: afgmfix