• JCHS Advocacy Club & Student to Student Mentoring
    The JCHS Advocacy club is a platform for any student who is struggling with obstacles as they navigate their high school years.  Many obstacles are focused on learning, however, this is a fully inclusive program who will accept any member willing to participate fully in meeting, activities and fundraisers.  The Advocacy club encourages students to advocate for their needs in education, socially and in the competitive work market.  The club is broken into two parts - students who join may be interested in one area, or both.  All students are welcome to join the JCHS Advocacy club.
    WHo is a JCHS Advocate?
    A JCHS Self-Advocate is a student who is interested in recognizing and celebrating their personal strenghts and challenges.  Advocates often are students with accommodations to their personal learning process, however, this is not a requisite.  Members of the Advocacy club participate in speech writing, public speaking, and mentoring opportunities.  Additionally, they attend various student leadership conferences, as well as host a leadership conference here at JCHS. 
    What is Student to Student Mentoring?
    A literacy based mentoring program that will pair high school students with one identified student in  elementary School.   
    Who will participate in Student to Student?
    Studnets who are interested in the opportunity to participate in a mentoring program with a 1st to 5th grader, and who participate in club meeting, activities and fundraisers.  
    Why mentoring?
    Many students in high school continue to be struggling readers who have experienced difficulty since elementary school.  Although this is a literacy based program, level of reading is not a requistie for being involved.  High School mentors run a full range of reading abilities.  Pairing a successful 10th grader with a struggling elementary school age child will help to improve reading fluency for the high school student, bring comfort to the younger child, and improve self-esteem all around.  
    couple reading
    Below are highlights of past years with the Student to Student mentoring program.  
     Check out the link to see the highlights of 2014-15
    Academic year 2013-14
    • Field Day April 23, 2014 - the wind was biting, and the clouds were threatening, but that did not put a damper on this fun day of friendship, frolic and good times!  JCHS Mentors worked hard createing games such as corn toss and photo aliens.  We had relays, balloons animals, kickball, crafts, facepainting, and of course a big blow up obsticle course that was enjoyed by all!
    Sadie and Sam    sarah and makenzie
    • Valentines sent February 14
    • Thank you notes received February 1 from both Washington and Wilson schools for the December visit.  The kids really did enjoy themselves!
    •  Washington School Visit December 19, 2013. The morning was fun filled and full of joy.  We played games, made book weights, talked, read, and of course played outside.  We even did the hokey pokey on the playground!
    • Pictures from Washington School
    lDuck duck    Rowan    Hkey Pokey    games
    • Wilson School visit December 16, 2013
    • Initial letters out to young students October 2013
    Academic year 2012-13
    email me to see a copy of the Animoto from Field Day 2013!

    Update April 22
    Field Day is coming April 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Update Feb 27
    JCHS Advocacy Club and the Student to Student mentors ran two successful bake sales to earn some money toward FIELD DAY!   More bake sales to come.   Save the date April 20 Rain Date May 2 on Bonnel Field!
    Update February 14 2013th
    All JCHS mentors made valentines to send over to mentees at both Wilson and Washington schools.  Hearts were abundant!
    valentines    3 Hearts
    December 18th
    All 11th and 12th grade mentors visited with Wilson School mentees. 

    December 13
    10th grade mentors visited with Washington School mentees. We played games, created art and shared our books. the sun was shining and the mornign was a wonderful success.

    December 2012
    All books were purchased and wrapped by mentors

    November 2012
    Washington and Wilson student sent letters back introducing themselves, and discussing their favorite book.


    October 2012
    High school mentors send letters to both Washington elemenatary school and wilson elementary school introducing themselves to thier mentees.

    Academic year 2011-2012

    Update March 21
    Washington Students met JCHS mentors at the Caldwell Public Library for a celebration of READ ACROSS CALDWELL.  JCHS students presented Washington students with a big book illustrating the how their "Flat Stanley Self" was read to by their mentor.  There was an interactive reading of Green Eggs and Ham, an egg hunt, pin the egg on the green eggs and ham plate, and all kids made a square for a commemorative quilt.  Plus, the writers were able to see the finished illustrated book vie the Artist in Education grant, and share the books with their mentee.  So much fun!!!
    big book

    big book

    Update March 17

    Wilson school mentees sent JCHS mentors St. Patrick's day wishes!

    St. Pat's day
    Update February 14
    When asked how the valentines were received 
    • Mary Cofone over at the PSD program at The Harrison building states "The kids loved the cards!" 
    • Karen Fox, at Wilson says "thank you SO MUCH! The kids loved them!!!"  Apparently the JCHS Student mentors should be expecting something around St. Patrick's Day from the Wilson mentees.
    • Audry Martin over at Washington School says "They were awesome!!"
    Judging by these responses, I would say the Student to Student
    Project Valentine was a real success!

    Update February 10, 2012
    All mentees at both Washington school and Wilson school, as well as the student's at the Harrison School Pre School Disabilities Classroom were sent Valentines from their Mentors and friends.  Happy Valentine's Day to all!
    Update December 20, 2011
    All Wilson mentors visited their mentees at Wilson School.  They played games, made a cool craft and had fun getting to know each other.  The book exchange was festive and successful too, all the mentees liked their books.

    wilson     boys
    Update December 16
    Washington Mentors and mentees spent the morning together.  The students played games, shared their mock-up versions of their children's stories  and played a little kick ball.  Irene Kelly joined the group and guided everyone in making their own little book too.  Each Washington mentee received a book from their mentor, which was nicely wrapped up in seasonal paper.
    Making books 
    Boys on the Bridge
    Update November 30, 2011
    The Letters from Both Washington School and Wilson School arrived!  We enjoyed reading the letters and put together a list of books all the mentees at the schools are interessted in.  Let the book shopping begin!

    Update November 23

    All manuscripts from the AIE program are completed and have been turned over to the Graphic Arts students.  Can't wait to see the finished product!   The writers are working on their own accordian fold mock-uo books to share with their mentees over at Washington school.  We are scheduled to meet On December 16.

    Update November 21, 2011

    All writers and illustrators took a trip to the New York City Public Library.  Very impressive library with 7 levels of stacks that span the entire city block. 
    Update October 19, 2011
    All introductory letters went out to Protégés at both Washington and Wilson schools.


    Artist Irene Kelly made her debut working with the English 10 authors in conjunction with the Artist in Residency grant.  19 fantastic stories were created and storyboarded. 

    Academic year 2010-2011
    Update April 28 - JCHS Mentors hosted Washington School at JCHS!  Miss Maya, from the Montclair Studio, Music and Movement with Maya, led us in drumming and bringing literacy to life with the folk tale - "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."
    Garden of hands   wolf Wolf don't eat my lamb
    Update March 24 - JCHS Mentors met with Wilson School Mentees at the Caldwell Public Library for the first ever Read Across Caldwell.  Together we read Green Eggs and Ham . . .
    and worked on a book quilt highlighting our favoirte books.
    book Quilt    Book quilt 2
    Update February 18 - Wilson students send flat self portraits for a virtual read.  JCHS mentors are working on a big book to presesnt to the Wilson students at the Caldwell Public Library on March 24 and celebrate our own Read Across Caldwell. 
    Connor reading
    Update December 20th -
    The Wilson mentors walked over to visit with the Wilson School mentees.  We played games, made some seasonal crafts and ate some food.  The mentees from Wilson were given the book they talked about in their letters to the high school mentors.  Fun for all! 
    Update December 16 
    The 10th grade mentors from JCHS visited with Washington School for some fun games, festive crafts and food.  Each Washington mentee recieved a book from their mentor, which was nicely wrapped up in seasonal paper.  JCHS mentors look forward to our next meeting and, with luck, a game of Kick ball!
    Update December 6 - Letters are in from both Washington and Wilson school.  Mentors will meet mentees at Washington School on December 16th!  Wilson's students will meet their mentors soon!
    Update November 24 - Letters from JCHS Mentors to 30 students at Washington school went out.
    Update October 27th - Members of the Advocacy club went to Harrison school to read stories and lead activities with the Pre School learning Discabled classes.
    Update October 15 - Letters from JCHS Mentors to 20 students at Wilson school went out
    Academic year 2009-2010
    Click  Below on the following link to see a collage of photos from our two events with the 10th grade mentors and thier mentees from Washington School from 2009-10 year.
    Update 5/23 Field day at Memorial Park.  Great weather, great kids, great fun!  Check out the pix!
    Update 3/8:  A program overview of Student to Student Mentoring was presented to the Board of Education at the regular public meeting.  Presentation was lead by Robin Keil and Melissa Hart of JCHS, Diane Shimanski, Jessica Valentine, Jeff Castellano and Audry Martin of Washington School.
    Update 3/4:  Using the distance learning equipment, the high school mentors met with the Washington students for one class period.  During the visit all participants had the opportunity to read their "I Am" poems. 
    Update 12/16:  Washington School Field trip - The English 10 Resource students (the mentors) spent the day with their mentees.  There was food, plays, poetry, a wonderful distribution of books for the mentees and a fabulous game of kickball.  Fun was had by all! 
    Update 10/23:  All students have been assigned a mentor and the first letter of communication between the two students have been sent.   
    What is Student to Student?
    A mentoring program that will pair one 10th grade Resource Center English 10 student with one identified student in Washington Elementary School.   
    Who will participate in Student to Student?
    All students enrolled in RC English 10 will have the opportunity to participate in a mentoring program with a 1st to 5th grader.
    Why mentoring?
    Many students in the RC English 10 program are struggling readers who have experienced difficulty since elementary school.  Pairing a successful 10th grader with a struggling elementary school age child will help to improve reading fluency for the high school student, bring comfort to the younger child, and improve self-esteem all around.
    couple reading
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