• There are many scholarship opportunities available to students. However, it is not possible for JCHS to review or vet all of them for accuracy or legitimacy, so do your research! Many scholarship sites require you to create a profile and then the site may generate matches. Be wary of sites that ask for too much personal information or an application fee; applying for a legitimate scholarship should not cost you money. There are no guarantees that your student will receive a scholarship; odds of being selected for a scholarship are affected by the number of applicants, the effort that is put into the application, and whether the scholarship is nationally, state, or locally based.    
    Below are possible scholarship databases to help you find opportunities that match a student's skills, academics, and needs:
    salliemae.com (click on "College Planning")
    collegeboard.org/ (under "College Planning")
    Students should continue to check their Naviance account regularly as scholarship opportunities will open up throughout the year and be made available on the Scholarship List. In the spring, the JCHS Scholarship Fund will open up their application for many local scholarships.  As always, you may reach out to the Guidance Department with your questions.