• June 12, 2020

    Feel Good Friday

    I hope that you are all doing well and that you are starting to look forward to our summer break. I know that the last days of school can bring up a lot of different feelings. 


    For our last Feel Good Friday, Ms. Bieniasz, the Washington school counselor chose a story that would highlight the different feelings that can come up and I have attached an activity that helps students reflect on some of their favorite moments this year. Thank you for participating in our Feel Good Friday activities, we will miss you all!


    Lizzie and The Last Day of School – Click Here for the Story


    Activity: Children can fill out this worksheet and reflect on some of their favorite memories during the year.

    What I Loved This Year Worksheet

    Summer Fun Worksheet


    Have a wonderful summer!


    Mrs. Yoskowitz

Last Modified on June 15, 2020