• Counseling Crafts


    Here are three craft projects that are fun to make and can be used as coping tools to assist your child with their emotional expression. These crafts can be fun and something creative for you to enjoy with your child. Below are brief descriptions of each craft, materials you will need and links to help you create any of these projects to use on a daily basis going forward.


    1. Glitter Sensory Bottles - This is a craft that can provide healthy and effective ways for children to help soothe themselves, calm down, take deep breaths, and work through their emotions. 


    What you will need to complete a glitter sensory bottle:

    • A plastic water bottle

    • Hot water

    • Clear glue

    • Fine glitter (any color)

    • Chunkier glitter or sequins


    Please see this video for thorough directions:


    How to Make Glitter Sensory Bottle


    2. Fortune Teller - Creating a fortune teller is a fun way for your child to make origami and offers several different coping strategies to rely on when needed. 


    Link: Coping Skills Fortune Teller


    There are two different fortune tellers for you to choose from. One fortune teller offers coping strategies and is attached to this email. The other is blank which will allow you and your child to write in coping strategies that work best for them. Several blank fortune tellers can be found here.


    3. Make your own stress balls - There are a few ways to complete this craft depending on your child’s sensory needs. Most of these ingredients can be found in your kitchen pantry or around your home. Some of these ingredients include: flour, rice, play doh or even sand.


    Use this link to see the different options for homemade stress balls! 


    How to Make Homemade Stress Balls

Last Modified on September 15, 2022