Core Values

  • CWC students, staff, and families commit to modeling our core values:

    Academic Excellence & Growth Mindset. We value lifelong learning, fostering an environment in which we demonstrate continuous improvement in Critical & Creative Thinking, Collaboration, and Communication. We make progress toward achieving the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, welcoming feedback, embracing challenges, and modeling perseverance and resilience.

    Balance. We value physical, emotional, and social well-being, fostering an environment in which there is a balanced, holistic approach to success.  We are committed to health and safety, creating a learning environment that supports positive growth and development.

    Community, Equity, & Inclusion. We value civic engagement, fostering an environment in which we participate in community service, are committed to equity, and promote ecological and economic sustainability. We hold ourselves to high ethical standards of character and integrity, model equity and inclusion, and treat ourselves and others with caring and respect.