• Feelings Expression- Mindfulness of Emotions


    In My Heart: A Book About Feelings



    After you read the story, here are some activities you can try with your family:


    Color and Design an Emotion Wheel


    Ask yourself: 


    How does your face look when you feel this feeling? 


    Can you think of a time when you felt this way? 


    Can you draw a picture of that memory? 


    Can you draw your face when you feel this way? 



    Feelings Game


    Charades: Have everyone pick a card and act out the feeling for everyone to guess


    "Headbanz": Place a card on your head without looking at it. Ask your family "yes/no" questions to help you guess the feeling. Some questions you can ask are: 

    Would I have tears if I felt this way? 


    Do I feel this way when I play with my friends? 


    Does my face turn red when I feel this way? 

Last Modified on September 15, 2022