• May 8, 2020
    Please see the elementary counselor's Feel Good Friday video brought to you by Ms. Espejo, the Jefferson school counselor. Ms. Espejo has also shared some activities for your family to do together.
    After you read the story here are some activities you can try with your family: 
    Ask yourself: 
    How does your face look when you feel this feeling? 
    Can you think of a time when you felt this way? 
    Can you draw a picture of that memory? 
    Can you draw your face when you feel this way? 
    Charades: Have everyone pick a card and act out the feeling for everyone to guess
     "Headbanz": Place a card on your head without looking at it. Ask your family "yes/no" questions to help you guess the feeling. Some questions you can ask are: 
    Would I have tears if I felt this way? 
    Do I feel this way when I play with my friends? 
    Does my face turn red when I feel this way? 
Last Modified on May 8, 2020