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    Fun Family Activities

    Getting to Know You UNO
    A fun twist on a classic game!
    Link to Getting to Know you UNO

    Gratitude Scavenger Hunt:
    Gratitude is all about being thankful and focusing on the good around us. When you learn to be thankful for everything and have an attitude of gratitude, you'll feel more positive, peaceful, and happy each and every day. 
    The Gratitude Scavenger Hunt is perfect for children and adults to start finding little things to be thankful for. Use this scavenger hunt and enjoy it with your family!
    Link to Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

    Family Bonding Challenge
    This family bonding challenge contains two weeks of simple and fun activities that take a short amount of time, but can build lifetime memories.
    Link to Family Bonding Challenge by Susan Newman, Ph.D

    50 Activities to Try With Your Family While Being Home
    Explore the list of activities you can try with your family if you find yourself running out of ideas on what to do!
    Link to 50 Home Activities
    Link to MORE Creative Home Activities

Last Modified on March 20, 2020