• As we adjust together during this time of remote learning, let’s talk about how we can create consistent schedules that will help us maintain our daily routines.


    Why is it Important to Stick to Routines?

    • Children thrive with routines and boundaries! Predictability can be very comforting during anxious times. When certain things feel out of control, routines give children a sense of security. School-aged children might be used to seeing a visual schedule in their classrooms, so let’s try using one at home!

    How Do I Make a Schedule?

    • Write your daily routine on a whiteboard or make a paper schedule together. Make sure to also include fun activities in your daily routine! Fun activities might include playing board games, playing outside, or having silly dance parties.
    • Set small daily goals and track progress so that children can work towards something important to them! Make sure the goals are within their control. Set goals around how much they will read each day, how much math work they will complete in a given time, or how many kind gestures they will show towards family members. Track the progress on a goal chart so they can have a visual reminder of the progress they’re making!
Last Modified on March 20, 2020