• Breathing Techniques

      • Belly Breathing
        • Place one hand on your chest and one on your belly. Take a deep breath! Notice your belly rise. Breathe out. Notice your belly fall. (Practice a few times)

      • Star Breathing:
        • (Link to Photo Attached) Breathe in as you trace up the star. Hold your breath at the tip. Breathe out as you trace down. Go slowly! Star Breathing Photo

      • Five Finger Breathing:
        • Stretch out one hand so that you have space between your fingers.
        • Hold up your pointer finger from your other hand.
        • Start at the bottom of the thumb - use your pointer finger to trace up your thumb as you slowly breathe in through your mouth. When you get to the top of your thumb, hold you breath. Slowly breathe out of your nose as you trace down your thumb. Repeat for all fingers until you traced your whole hand! 
        • 5 Finger Breathing (Picture)
          Kids Meditation - Finger Breathing Video

      • Lazy 8 Breathing:
        • Follow the picture - Lazy 8
        • Place your finger where it says "Enter" and slowly follow the arrows while breathing in.
        • When you cross over to the other side, slowly breathe out.
        • Keep going until you feel calm. 
Last Modified on March 20, 2020