• Attention JCHS Alumni...

    During the Hybrid Learning Schedule due to COVID-19, all transcript requests for alumni are being handled electronically.  For any former student that requires a transcript you must follow the procedure below:

    • Please email Mrs. Wilson at lwilson@cwcboe.org to make your request.  
    • In your request please include your name, maiden name if applicable, and year of graduation. 
    • You must indicate the purpose for needing the transcript (college application, job application, etc) and where it should be sent.
    • Transcripts can ONLY be sent electronically so please provide the NAME of your contact AND an EMAIL ADDRESS. This is the only way we will be able to issue transcripts for the time being.
    • If all of the above information is not included, it will not be possible to process your request.
    • In order for transcripts to remain Official, we cannot send transcripts directly to Alumni, but must forward directly to the person/agency requiring the information.
    • For the time being, we will suspend the processing fee.

    As with everyone, we are making adaptions to our normal operations.  We appreciate your cooperation with the above procedure and will inform alum when we are once again able to mail transcripts.  We hope that everyone remains well during these challenging times.