Young Explorers Class Descriptions

  • MUSIC: The teacher will introduce activities which will develop a variety of musical skills and concepts. These include body movement to music, music reading, rhythmic dictation, and general music knowledge.

    ART: The teacher will introduce your child to a variety of art activities and media, utilizing many materials. Activities include craft work, drawing, cutting and pasting, painting, clay and sculpture.

    SPORTS/GAMES: The students will participate in a variety of games that will teach locomotor skills and team work while improving their fitness.

    DANCE: The children will learn basic dance steps designed to develop their body coordination to music. A dance production will be performed during the final show.

    TECH FUN: Students will be introduced to a variety of web-based apps. We plan to create animations, computer games and interactive projects while thinking creatively, working collaboratively, and reasoning systematically. Of course, we will review Internet safety, the basics of Google slides and practice our typing skills. Also, children will be encouraged to use the interactive whiteboard, try coding various robots, and even design and create one of a kind t-shirts. On Fridays, children will be introduced to educational online games. It’s always air conditioned, relaxed and fun in the lab!