• STEM SCIENCE ADVENTURE (Grades 6-8) Students will creatively solve exciting engineering challenges based on concepts in Science, Technology, and Mathematics. Each challenge will require creativity, collaboration, and a desire to have fun! They will also be introduced to the exciting field of rocketry where they will build and launch their own rockets. We will finish the class as crime lab detectives performing experiments to solve crimes using the same methods used by detectives. 

    FUN WITH COMPUTERS (Grades 3-8) This summer students will be able to explore Scratch, an interactive programming language created by MIT. We plan to create animations, computer games and interactive projects while thinking creatively, working collaboratively, and reasoning systematically. Students can also explore how to design basic websites if they desire. Of course, we will review Internet safety, the basics of Google slides and practice our typing skills. Also, children will be encouraged to use the interactive whiteboard, try coding various robots, and even design and create one of a kind t-shirts. On Fridays, children will be introduced to educational online games. It’s always air conditioned, relaxed and fun in the lab!

    CODING FOR KIDS (Grades 5-9) Learn computer programming skills through interactive and exciting projects. This class will introduce your child to video game creation and animated story design while teaching them basic coding and problem solving skills.