• MIXED CRAFTS  Join us as we explore collage, three dimensional paper design, printmaking, mobile design, sculpture, weaving and more using a variety of interesting and colorful materials. Our finished masterpieces will be colorful and eye-catching with a little bit of crazy thrown in.

    CERAMICS (4-9) Pinch Pot Creatures - Students will learn the most fundamental and basic skill in Ceramics: the Pinch Pot.  We will be creating “Pinch Pot Creatures” from our pinch pots. Arms, legs, eyes, hair, etc.will be added to create detail and form our creatures. Mugs – The students this summer will have the chance to create functional mugs!  Using the “slab” technique, students will roll out clay, assemble mugs, add handles, and use food safe glazes to create their own one-of-a-kind mugs.

    POTTERY WHEEL (Grades 7-8) Advanced students will be given instruction on throwing techniques in the use of the Pottery Wheel.  This will include centering, shaping, and finishing their wheel projects. Along with this, we will work with plaster molds to create bowls and plates that can be used with real food.


    Drawing 1&2 (4-9) This workshop will demonstrate some fantastic illusions of depth.  The students will draw portraits, a silly beast or maybe a Van Gogh Still Life, collage, and a drawing with string materials.  Everyone will work at their own pace.


    THE PAINTER’S BRUSH (Grades 6-8) This class will use “wet media”, water color, and acrylic paint on canvas.  Think you are not an artist? We beg to differ! Join in on The Painter’s Brush and you’ll see.  The hardest part is that first stroke.

    WEAVING (4-8) Let’s do some weaving. Let’s use some unusual materials and expand what we think weaving could be. Get your yarn and sticks ready kids.