• FAQs


    What is Miss Reggiani’s Contact information?

    What does my child need daily?

    • Take home folder
    • Backpack
    • Lunch
    • Healthy Snack
    • Water bottle

    What is the daily schedule?

    • to be updated shortly 

    What is the specials schedule?

    • to be updated shortly 

    What is my child learning?

    • Our language arts curriculum is a balanced literacy model with reading and writing workshop 
    • Our phonics program is Wilson Fundations - it is a systemic phonics program
      • we use Phonics-First as an additional program to supplement and support ALL students 
    • Math is a hands-on approach
    • More information is available on the district website

    What does the class do for birthdays?

    • Each child gets a birthday crown and a pencils
    • We sing a special birthday song
    • Goodie bags are welcome - nothing edible

    What about class parties and field trips?

    • To be updated shortly

    Is there homework?

    • Students will be given an optional monthly homework calendar
    • Each activity is no more than 10-15 minutes and mirrors our curriculum 

    How can I help at home?

    • There are so many ways to help at home - please do what is best and works for your family.  Some suggestions are
      • Read together nightly
      • Ask about your child’s day
      • Work on first time listening
      • Practice empathy and kindness
      • Eat dinner as a family
      • Work on tying shoes, zipping, and buttoning
      • Eat a healthy breakfast
      • Encourage trying again