2019-2020 District Goals

  • Caldwell - West Caldwell Public Schools 2019-2020 District Goals

    1. Engage all students in learning, as defined and measured by Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching, Component 3C:

               a. Provide ongoing feedback and support to staff in implementing school goals

               b. Enhance programs to support social/emotional learning and mental health, including both proactive approaches (e.g., building resilience) and responsive practices (e.g., addressing student anxiety).

               c. Implement Phase I of the Comprehensive Equity Plan


    2. Develop a systematic process for monitoring student achievement, analyzing data, and creating action plans for improvement.  Complete a comprehensive analysis of Special Education data and programs, and create an action plan for improvement.


    3. Based on the results of a new 5-year enrollment projection, develop a 5-year facilities use plan.


    4. Review and revise the Economic and Ecological Sustainability Plans.


    5. Identify and implement further cost efficiencies and appropriate sources of revenue, pursue additional revenue through grants, and explore Shared Services opportunities with the municipalities, other school districts, universities, and business entities.

Last Modified on October 7, 2019