Expectations for Student Behavior

  • At GCMS, we strive to maintain a positive environment where students and staff enjoy school and treat each other with mutual respect and P.R.I.D.E. Positive Attitude; Respect for All; Integrity; Do the Right Thing; Effort Towards Learning

    Students can know if they are showing GCMS P.R.I.D.E. by applying the five-way test:

    1. Is what I’m saying and doing done with a Positive attitude?
    2. Is what I’m saying and doing showing Respect for all?
    3. Is what I’m saying and doing showing Integrity?
    4. Is what I’m saying and doing an example of Doing the right thing?
    5. Is what I’m saying or doing showing Effort towards learning? Our school discipline program is positive and emphasizes good behavior (e.g. good choices, character, and leadership attributes). School and classroom expectations are made very clear to students at the beginning of the school year with Principal led behavior expectation assemblies, teacher discussions, and throughout the year through a variety of embedded ways.