• If your child is in 3rd grade and is a brand new beginner, they are in the "Essential Strings" group.


    Violin Lesson Rules and Expectations


    1. Students are required to have their instrument, music folder with music and assignment charts and pencil at every lesson.


    1. Attendance at and preparedness for lessons are a significant part of the grade your child receives for violin.


    1. Your child is expected to practice at home, and practice well. Please encourage good practice habits at home. Our violinists should be practicing at least 5 days per week. The minimum amount of practice time your child should be doing per day is, for 3rd graders, 15 minutes; 4th graders, 20 minutes; and 5th graders 25 minutes. I am challenging the students to work even harder this year!


    1. Please return a note with this signed contract indicating which date(s) will be missed and why. Please take into consideration that the orchestras only perform a few times a year, while practices, games, rehearsals etc. for other activities happen more frequently. Any other absences not caused by sickness or family emergency will be considered “unexcused” and will affect your child’s grade. If your child is healthy enough to be in school on the day of the performance, then he or she will be expected to be present at the performance.


    1. Mrs. Dumas will have extra emergency supplies, such as strings, on hand at every lesson and rehearsal. However, the maintenance of your child’s instrument is ultimately yours and your child’s responsibility. This means replacing broken strings, making sure the instrument stays clean and the bow is loosened when it is stowed in the case and, if necessary, getting the instrument repaired as per Mrs. Dumas’s suggestion.


    1. Please check Mrs. Dumas’s page on the district website regularly for updates and information about violin lessons. If you have a question about anything, check there first and if you do not find the answer, then E-mail Mrs. Dumas.












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