Students may receive homework from Speech-Language Therapy. There will be various activities for students to practice with a homework partner. The students receiving homework are primarily those who are practicing articulation, or sound production, due to the need for daily, repetitive practice.

    GOAL: Allow students to practice previously mastered skills in order for the student to maintain proficiency of already mastered skills and for speech sounds to become automatic. 

    WHY HomeWORK?? Because it WORKS

    • Repetitive practice, especially in the area of articulation, is the key to rapid success.
    • The body parts you use for speech are made up of muscles.  You want to create a "muscle memory" so your lips, tongue, & jaw know just what to do each time you say your sounds
    • Articulation practice may only takes 5-10 minutes per day. It is best to try to say your sound approximately 125 times each day!! Not as difficult as it sounds. Try it! 
    • Homework partners are very important! Be sure to have a homework partner who can help you and give you "speech-back"  (what is that??)
      • Speech-back is feedback to help you with your speech.  Your homework partner is there to help you and let you know how your speech is sounding
    • No homework partner today?  Grab an iPhone or iPad video/sound recorder to see and hear for yourself!  Give yourself your own "speech-back".