• Handwriting in First Grade!

    When it comes to handwriting, children must be taught everything! That includes how to sit, position the paper, and hold a pencil.  Below you will find some important information that will help guide you and your child to successful handwriting development. 

    The Correct Grip

    This is the correct grip for holding a pencil. The tripod grip is preferred and is considered standard. This is the grip that we teach in school.

    Correct grip

    Flip the Pencil Trick

    This is a wonderful trick to teach your child how to hold the pencil correctly!

    Flip the Pencil Trick

    Handwriting Practice

    Below are links to documents detailing how to form uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers as your child is taught in school. There are also practice sheets if you and your child want to practice at home!


    Capital Letters


     Lowercase Letters


    Handwriting Paper