• Caldwell-West Caldwell Board of Education Policy Manual
    The formation of educational policy is by far one of the most important functions of the school board.
    The decisions made by school boards set the course of education in a community immediately and for years to come. Ultimately, the quality of education depends upon the wisdom and care with which policy decisions are made.
    A statement of written policy has many values.  Its most important value lies in the guidance that it provides for the school staff, the administration and the board itself. The policy will also acquaint interested citizens of the community with the policies, rules and regulations of the business which they support financially.  Experience has shown that policies, clearly defined, help the community to understand its schools and eliminate many special requests from patrons.
    The day-to-day changes in all facets of American life are moving at such an accelerated pace that they are sometimes difficult to comprehend.  School boards must exercise vision and imagination in making plans to keep pace with the new developments which are bound to occur in the years ahead.
    Therefore, this policy book is a "living," "developing" document subject at all times to review and adaptation of content.  Policy must be able to develop, grow and change with the school, community and society. 
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Last Modified on January 1, 2013