• Specials

    Art- Each class receives one period per week of art.  Children are asked to bring a garment to wear, such as a smock, to protect their clothes from paint, etc.

    Library- Washington School has an excellent library which is open to students during regular school hours.  Children may borrow books, tapes and pictures for use at home.  Parents should ensure that school library materials are returned on time and are in good condition.  All books are checked out for one week (except encyclopedias which are loaned overnight).  At the end of the week, the books are to be returned or they may be renewed for an additional week.  Kindergarten and first grade students take out one book; second grade, two books; and third through fifth grade may take out three books.  All books must be returned before checking out more books.

    Children are encouraged to keep their library books in the same place at home each week.  This helps children and parents to keep track of what they have checked out.  During the week, it would be a wonderful experience to read your child’s library book with him or her.  Volunteers are always needed to help the media specialist with daily tasks.

    Music- A period of vocal music per week is provided for each class.  In addition to the vocal music program, instrumental music lessons are available in Washington School.   Violin instruction starts in second grade; woodwinds and brass, in fourth grade.  An assembly during which the available instruments are demonstrated is held for grades third through fifth.  Children are given application forms if they are interested in learning to play any of the instruments.

    Physical Education- In addition to physical education provided by the classroom teachers, the children have a physical education period each week.  The children are required to wear sneakers for all physical education classes taught in the gym.

    World Language- A certified Spanish teacher provides Spanish instruction for each second, third, fourth and fifth grade class.  In addition to one lesson a week, a monthly review lesson is also provided. K-first grade students receive World Language instruction infused into their day.