• Homework

    Homework- Homework is assigned to reinforce concepts introduced in the classroom.  The following is the school district’s homework policy.

    The Caldwell-West Caldwell Board of Education realizes that cooperation between the home and school is essential to student achievement.  Therefore, it is expected that parents be active participants with the school and share responsibility for outside-of-class or homework assignments.  While parents may at times be directly involved in the learning process, generally, they should provide supervised time and an environment conducive to learning.  Homework is viewed as an excellent opportunity for families to work together in a constructive, satisfying and academically productive way.  It will strengthen both the family’s guidelines for parents and suggest activities.  Parents, students and teachers shall be made aware of the school’s expectation for outside-of-class assignments at the beginning of each school term.

    The purpose of homework is to provide reinforcement, instill motivation, develop positive study habits and serve as a learning link between the home and school.  Homework shall be given for a particular instructional reason and shall be related to a curriculum goal or learning task.  Homework shall be checked promptly and students shall be given feedback upon completion of each assignment.  Long-term assignments shall be checked periodically and procedures for checking homework shall be applied consistently.

    As a general guideline, students are to devote a minimum of ten minutes, incrementally, per grade per day during the school week to homework (i.e., grade 3 = 30 minutes).  Additionally, parents are encouraged to read to and with their children 20-30 minutes per night.  Parents should also preview and review homework and monitor long-term assignments where appropriate.  Homework shall be coordinated within each faculty to avoid duplication and excessive assignments.  During the school week, it is expected that homework will take precedence over non-school or non-academic activities.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you feel your child is not regularly completing homework assignments in a reasonable length of time.

    It is the school’s responsibility to provide specific homework assignments for only those absences that are legally excused, such as religious holidays.  Teachers shall be available to assist students with both in- and outside-of-class assignments.  Homework shall not be assigned for disciplinary purposes.  In the event of extended illness, a parent may request that homework be provided for completion at home.  Missed work will not be provided for a single day’s absence, nor for family vacations taken which do not coincide with school vacation days.