• Absences and Late Arrivals


    To report an absence, call 228-8941 anytime after the close of the school day until the opening of the next school day at 8:45 AM.  There is a recording specifically made for this purpose.  Please state your child’s name, teacher’s name and reason for absence, i.e. what type of sickness (cough, cold, fever, intestinal virus, etc.) or personal day.  This call is very important to us because we are most concerned with your child’s safety and must know that he/she is safe.  If we don’t hear from you, you will most certainly hear from us!  We would appreciate your cooperation in this manner.

    Students arriving after 8:45 AM are to enter through the main doors of the school and report to the office. They will be marked late for that day.  Repeated lateness disrupts the educational process for all students and will not be tolerated. Entrance to the school after 8:45 AM will be through the main front doors.