• 6th Grade Mathematics Syllabus

    Math Grading:  A (100-91), B (90-81), C (80-71), D (70-61), F (60-0)


    50% Summative Assessments  (Chapter Tests and Projects)

    50% Formative Assessments

            25% Chapter Quizzes

            15% Basic Skills Quizzes

            10% Graded Homework  (ALEKS online homework assignments)

    *If a test or quiz grade is between 70-61%, the student can make corrections with the teacher.  The test or quiz will be re-graded up to 71%.

    *If a grade is between 60% or below, the test or quiz will be re-graded up to 61%.

    This policy does not pertain to Basic Skills Quiz grades.


    Basic Skills Quiz:  

    There will be basic skills quizzes about every two weeks.

    There will be a graded review assignment prior to each quiz on ALEKS.

    Each student will receive a study guide 1 week in advance that has practice problems on it.

    We will practice the basic skill for one class period prior to the quiz.

    It is the responsibility of the student to practice at home and get help when needed.

    These topics will NOT be reviewed in class.

    Basic Skills Topics include:

    Place Value Estimation

    Add/Subtraction Whole Numbers Equivalent Fractions

    Multiplying Whole Numbers Converting Improper→ Mixed Numbers

    Dividing Whole Numbers Add/Subtract Fractions

    Add/Subtract Decimals Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers

    Multiply Decimals Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers


    Homework Policy:

      • Assignments are written on the homework board & recorded on the website daily.
      • Absent Policy: Extra time is given to work missed due to illness, religious holidays, and any other reasonable excuse without penalty.
      • All assignments must be completed ON TIME.  


    • Assignments handed in late will receive -5 deduction for each day.


    • If absent, students should check our websites for missing work.  Any work not accessible through the website can be obtained upon the student’s return to school.


    Extra Help: I am available before and after school for extra help. Please schedule an appointment ahead of time. Access online resources using our Helpful Math Links page on my teacher webpage.


    Online Textbook:

    Students can access their textbook online by logging into the following website:


    Each student will be given a Username and Password to log on the website. Extra practice/review worksheets can be printed out from the website.


    Remind: Remind is a free, safe and simple messaging tool that that will help share important updates and reminders with you, via text message. Please sign-up using the instructions on the attached sheet.


    Notebooks: Each student will need a notebook specifically for math.  The notebook will be for homework, classwork, notes, and journaling.


    Top 5 Things You Must Know for Math Class:

    • Bring Pencils! Mistakes are learning opportunities!
    • Do your homework! If you don't practice, you won't improve.
    • Use formative assessments wisely! They tell you what you need to improve.
    • Prepare for Tests! It's your time to show what you can do!
    • Be cool, ask for help! Asking for help is a sign of courage and self-respect.

    I am looking forward to a fun and successful school year!

    Please email me with any questions or concerns regarding our class.

    - Ms. Paxson