• Welcome to AP Chemistry!


    I want to thank everyone for signing up for the AP Chemistry Course for next year.  Your willingness to take on a challenging and rigorous course will pay dividends for years to come.


    I've posted your summer assignment to Google classroom and also my teacher website.  Please read the instructions in the assignment.  Please do not try to remember the Periodic Table.  Instead, I would like you to become familiar with the names and symbols of the elements on the first four rows of the table.  Regarding the polyatomic ions, I would like you to familiarize yourself with the various names of the ions so you will be able to recognize them.    


    You can join the AP Chemistry Google classroom by using the class code civglwl.


    I am excited about the year ahead and hope we can work well together so you will have success not only in the course but also on the AP Chemistry exam next May.


    Contact me if you have any questions.  Have a good summer!"



    Dr. Brinkman