• Welcome to Mrs. McKay's Website!
    Thank you for visiting my site.  This site is a resource for both parents and students so that we can all have the best year possible.  On this site, you will find homework and assessment announcements, extra help information, and any other information parents or students might need.  
    This is my 10th year at JCHS and my 13th year teaching high school mathematics.  This year, I'll be teaching Honors Geometry, AP Statistics, and AP Calculus.  I have taught all levels of high school math, from Algebra 1 Concepts through AP Calculus/AP Statistics, plus SAT Math Prep courses, so I have a full understanding of where students are coming from and what material they will need in future math classes.  This knowledge helps me to quickly identify any student weaknesses as well as fully prepare students for the next level of learning. 
    I became a teacher because I like to help people learn.  I believe all students can learn math, whether or not they have a "natural ability" for it.  It's just a matter of presenting it in a way that reaches that particular student.  I have seen students who never thought they could do math do much better than they expected, getting math grades they have never had before.  The smallest success in math can lead to greater achievement down the road.  Math is around us everywhere, but people don't always realize it.  Learning math leads not only to a mastery of numbers, but also the ability to think logically, look at things in other ways, and solve problems in all areas of life.
    Prior to teaching, I worked in "corporate America" and also had my own consulting business.  This experience has helped me to see how math goes beyond the classroom and how important math is in so many careers -- not just those thought of as "number jobs."  I incorporate this view into my lessons to give the students as broad a learning experience as possible.
    Teaching is my passion.  Helping students of all levels and abilities to learn is my goal.  Working together, our students can do more than they expected.  Success in school and success in life is what I am working towards for all students.  Feel free to contact me by e-mail with any questions you might have.  I enjoy working together to help each student succeed! 
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