• Mary Burke Cunningham, LPC, SAC 
    James Caldwell High School
    Grade: 9 - 12
    Student Assistance Coordinator
    973-228-6981 ext. 4029
         Adolescence is an exciting time of life when you transition from childhood into the realm of young adulthood.  But it's normal to experience some stress and conflict during this time.  This is a natural part of growing up.  But it's also important to realize that the stress and expectations associated with being a teenager have intensified over the past couple of decades in our society.  So many kids say that everyone tells them that these are supposed to be the "best years" of their lives.  In fact, the problems that some young people experience as teenagers -- and how they cope with these challenges -- may influence their emotional health and well-being for years to come.
         The goal of our Student Assistance Program is to provide short-term counseling, referral services and educational outreach to promote students' emotional health, self esteem and positive engagement in school and community. We offer support towards an array of adjustment and mental health issues, including the prevention of substance use/abuse and other forms of addiction.