• Policies and Procedures
    The Goal:To establish an effective classroom that is structured, consistent, supportive and safe.

    The following is a list of classroom rules and procedures that should be followed in this class to ensure our goal. 

    Classroom Rules

    Be respectful to your teacher and your other classmates
    Be prepared
    Sit in your assigned seat
    No swearing
    Raise your hand if you like to speak

    The following is a list of items that cannot be used or brought into the classroom: 
    1.  Cell phones 
    2.  Backpacks
    3.  Hats
    4.  Makeup, lotions, perfume, etc.
    5.  Food

    Homework Policy

    Everything you need to know about homework!
    Homework is assigned every night unless otherwise specified
    Each homework assignment is worth 4 points unless otherwise specified
    Homework points are based on effort - you need to have attempted all the problems to receive full credit
    If you do not have your homework on the day that it is due, you can turn it in the next school day for at most 2 points.  After that, NO late homework is accepted!
    You need to show all your work on your homework for full credit
    You need to have your homework in class the day that it is due to receive full credit
    If you are absent it is your responsibility to get the work and make it up.  To do this you can come in before or after school, check my Website or call a friend.
    Please do not ask what you have missed during class, it is a disruption and not an appropriate time to ask.  You will be allowed the same number of days to make up the work as you have been absent.

    When you come to class everyday make sure you have the following . . .
    Pencils with erasers, you will need them every day!
    A three ring binder with lined paper
    A scientific or graphing calculator, you will need to bring it every day!
    Your completed homework
    A colored pen for correcting your homework
    Your homework planner to write down your assignments
    These materials are recommended to help you succeed in this class.
    When you come to class . . .
    • Enter the room in a respectful way
    • Pick up a "warm up" and any other information as you enter the room, before you sit down
    • Take our your homework and start correcting it
    If you arrive late to class without a pass, please enter the classroom quietly and see me at the end of class.  If you arrive 5 minutes or later that is considered a cut and you will receive a cut slip for the class.

    Your grade will be based on a total number of points.  You can gain points through homework, warm ups, quizzes, tests and projects.  To calculate your grade I add up all the points that you have received and divide it by the total amount of possible points and then I multiply by 100.

    If you are having difficulty . . . please seek help immediately!
    • I am available before or after school for any additional help
    • Go to guidance and set up a peer tutor or a professional tutor
    • Work with a friend