• Physical Exams
    We are currently awaiting guidance from the State regarding the process for fall sports. However, it is important that all children/adolescents remain on track for their well-care visit whether or not they are participating in a sport. If your child is due for an exam, call your child's healthcare provider immediately to schedule an appointment. Click here to be directed to the student-athlete physical exam. If the healthcare provider is going to schedule the visit via telehealth, please have him/her complete as much of the athletic exam as possible. Remember to include an explanation for all items marked "yes" on the health history form; there is a space provided on the lower right corner of the form. These concerns must be addressed with the healthcare provider during the exam. While we are not certain about the criteria for collecting and reviewing athletic forms, it is best that we proceed on schedule and make adjustments as we receive guidance from the state.  

    In addition, All student-athletes must complete registration each season. Registration for Fall 2020 is now open. Click here to be directed to the JCHS Athletic Registration page. The student-athlete and his/her guardian must complete the registration form together- consent forms must be acknowledged by both. 

    Lastly, our student-athletes are required to complete the ImPACT concussion baseline screening every two years. This screening may be completed on your personal computer. Click here to be directed to the JCHS Athletic ImPACT concussion baseline screening.

    We appreciate your support, patience and flexibility during these changing times.


    COVID-19: Stay Informed

    For the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19, please visit the following links to be directed to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH)...
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