Registration Forms and Information
Registration forms can be downloaded here, below or picked up at any of the schools within the Caldwell-West Caldwell School District during normal operating hours.  Additional forms and information may be required for each school.

All completed packets and required documents must be returned to the appropriate school. To set up an appointment with the respective school, please call:  
James Caldwell High School Guidance Office 973-228-9186
Grover Cleveland Middle School Guidance Office 973-228-1994
Jefferson Elementary School Lynn Kirby, Secretary 973-228-5994
Lincoln Elementary School Annette Rodriguez, Secretary 973-228-3987
Washington Elementary School Joanne Sabates, Secretary 973-228-8941
Wilson Elementary School Alison Flanagan, Secretary 973-228-7173
Harrison PreSchool Lauren Gersten, Pre-School Teacher 973-226-7120

According to district policy, the following eligibility ages are followed:

Kindergarten - A child is eligible for entrance into kindergarten who will have attained the age of five years on or before October 1 of the year in which entrance is sought.

First Grade - A child is eligible for entrance into first grade who will have attained the age of six years on or before October 1 of the year in which entrance is sought.
For additional information, visit the Policies and Guidelines section.

On the day of registration, please present the following:
A. Medical Requirements In order to meet the registration requirements for entrance to kindergarten, all students must fulfill specific immunization and physical examination requirements mandated by law. The following medical documentation must be presented to the school nurse at the time of registration:
               1. An official copy of the child’s immunizations. The dates must include the month, day,
                  and year your child received the vaccines. This information must be provided by the
                  doctor on his/her letterhead stationery or on a copy of the child’s official 
                  immunization record from the permanent chart at the doctor’s office.
                       For a list of immunizations required by age, click here.
              2. A copy of the child’s most recent physical.
B. Residency/Age Requirements
              1. Completed Pupil Admission Form (see registration forms below).
              2. An original and one photocopy, for our records, of the birth certificate or passport. 
                  For incoming Kindergarten students, these documents confirm that your child is currently or
                  will be five years of age on or before October 1 of the school year.  
              3. Provide two proofs of residency. The following documents are acceptable: deed to a 
                  house, mortgage agreement, lease (with name of landlord and telephone number for 
                  reference), tax bill, or driver’s license.
Please Note: Your child’s registration is not complete until the above requirements are met.

Registration Forms

James Caldwell High School
Admissions Packet
Grover Cleveland Middle School Admissions Packet
Elementary Schools 
For Kindergarten students:
For non-Kindergarten students registering for the current school year, please use the link below.
Admissions Packet (revised 1-2017)
Harrison Integrated
Pre-School Program
Visit the Pre-Kindergarten Registration Web page for a listing of all necessary forms and information.

Additional forms and information, including a Health Information form and emergency contact cards, must be completed at the respective school prior to the student's first day of school within the school district. For students who plan to participate in the high school athletics program, additional health forms may be required.  Please visit the Athletics section for additional information and required forms.

PROOF OF RESIDENCY is required at the time of registration.  At least two items stating proof of residency are required.  The following documents are accepted forms of proof of residency:
Deed to a House
Mortgage Agreement
Lease (with name and telephone number of landlord for reference)
Tax Bill
Voter's Registration
Driver's License

For more information, please contact the Superintendent's office at 973-228-6979.

2016-2017 Kindergarten Enrichment Program for Caldwell-West Caldwell Schools
Contact: West Essex YMCA
Phone: 973-992-7500      Fax: 973-992-7680